This site features a curated list of selected works by Hawaii-born and raised New Media Artist, Jen Goya, and examples of student work.

She Didn’t Buy the Shirt

Jennifer Goya
She Didn’t Buy The Shirt, 2017

She Didn’t Buy The Shirt is a website that features interactive elements with a written account about an experience the artist had selling expensive t-shirts in Waikiki (Hawaii) when she was a teenager.

The animations are paired with sounds to introduce a playful way to learn how to pronounce the Hawaiian name for the Hawaii state fish.  This piece illustrates a conceptual and phonetic way to pronounce the Hawaiian name for the reef triggerfish, called humuhumunukunukuapua`a.   The user can activate isolated sounds of common words being spoken as they read the story. 

This website was conceptualized with a companion interactive media installation.  The website tells a story, while the installation re-enacts the story.

You can visit the website at  The website is optimized for desktop viewing. 

Misbits Gallery
Oxford, Mississippi