This site features a curated list of selected works by Hawaii-born and raised New Media Artist, Jennifer Goya.

Sweet Life

Jennifer Goya
Sweet Life, 2003
Single Channel Hi-8 Video
4 minutes

Paranoid Woman – Stacy Hayashi
Voice – Sarah Harvey

In a Sweet Life, an Alligator-Man lives in the mind of a paranoid woman. This film references a published tabloid article about an Alligator-Man lurking in the Louisiana Bayou.  Eyewitnesses wanted the human-alien captured. The article became the lyrical text to paint the world of Sweet Life, where a woman lurks around an abandoned truck stop. 

There is always something to fear whether it’s the “Africanized bee” scare in 1990m, the “Asian flu,” SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), etc.  Sweet Life is about paranoia of something rare.