I Had a Lamp (2019, Web and Print)
Smiling is Overrated (2019, Web and Print)
I Like To Stay Hydrated (2019, Web and Print)
Yes No Ha (2019, Web and Print)
Money Please (2019, Web and Print)
Enough About Me (2019, Web and Print)
Who Moo New Coo (2017, Interactive Sound and Image)
She Didn't Buy The Darn Shirt (2017, Web)
The Pineapple Is Not Native to Hawaii (2010)
The Tree On Quincy Street (2009)
Buy Stuff TV (2009)
The Lychee Tree (2009)
In Case of Emergency (2009)
The Lychee Tree (2008)


Convergency: Land, Man, and Man Made (2014)
On Display: Micro-Hawaii (2013)
Ordnance Ordinance (2012)
Waikiki Sign (2011)
Pineapple Worker (2010)
A Log of the Overthrow (2010)
Ms. G. / Lo Mein Baby (2009)
The Great Crane (2009)
Super Market(2009)
Goya Can (2008)
The Lychee Tree (2004)
Rapids Merging Flows (2004)
Ball Black Ball (2004)
Endangered Species (2004)
5 Paintings (2003)
Fashion Plate (2003)
3:16 (2003)
SweetLife (2003)

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Ping Pong TV (2008)
5 Paintings (2003)


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