This site features selected works by Jen Goya / Jennifer Goya-Smith.

Fashion Plate

Jennifer Goya
Fashion Plate, 2003
Single Channel Hi-8 Video
2 minutes, 52 seconds

Fashion Plate uses fashion styles from the early to mid-1900s as a historic link to the present.  A dark historical narrative unfolds in this triptich experimental film using historical fashion, performance, and projection.

The film playing in the upper left quadrant depicts a girl passing time by smoking a cigarette.  She performs three tasks.  The first task: she picks a pornographic-videotape growing out of a red flowerpot and destroys it with a golf club.  The second task: she uses fertilizer to nourish the outside of an aged house as she walks towards a mannequin wearing a vintage Aloha blouse and a World War II gas mask.  The third task: she opens an umbrella amongst a backdrop of melting snow and waits for something that’s never revealed to the viewer.

The lower quadrant film features a close-up view of a person sorting through picture slides of vintage clothing on a lighted table.

The upper right quadrants feature the same fashion slides being projected onto a screen outside amongst melting snow.  The fashion slides were projected and filmed using Hi-8 videotape, then the footage was projected and filmed again multiple times. This structuralist act distorts the perfection of historical narratives. These three films inform one another creating an imaginary world, painting a visual poem about Hawaii’s own history embedded in colonialism, militarism, and tourism.


Hawaii International Film Festival