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The Pineapple is Not Native to Hawaii

Jennifer Goya
The Pineapple is Not Native to Hawaii, 2010 and 2023
DVD-ROM (2010)

*Due to new web browser conventions the video plays automatically with muted audio. The website is embedded below. Instructions: select one “pine” button and one “apple” button.

The Pineapple is Not Native to Hawaii is a DVD which examines the role origins play in the legacy of the pineapple. 

A DVD menu displays five”pine” buttons and five “apple” buttons.  The user must choose one “pine” button first before selecting one “apple” button.  A short video will show a pine cone and apple positioned on the screen to form a literal pineapple. Through a variety of different types  pine cones and apples, the user selects unique parings.  


Westside Gallery
New York, NY

Here is a list of pine cone specialities and apple types used in this interactive media.