This site features a curated list of selected works by Hawaii-born and raised New Media Artist, Jen Goya / Jennifer Goya-Smith.

Remember the Time

Jennifer Goya
Remember the Time –, 2019
Computer Drawings, Websites, Interactive Graphics, Sound, and NFTs
(6) 13 in x 19 in, (6) Websites, (6) Animated GIF NFTs

Memories are complex and the experiences one can recall with accuracy can sometimes be challenged and retold through another perspective that’s different and unlike their own. I find this divergence of viewpoints interesting and began this series of prints with this concept in mind. “Remember the Time” is a continuous print/net art/NFT series depicting autobiographical memories through simple illustrations. 

Selected memories are depicted as individual prints and then assembled together to create a larger print. This micro-macro illustration of sorts incorporate interactive elements that play sound via individual websites to provide an abstracted context. The subtitles of each piece is a statement that I remember them by and the interaction is how I recall them. The print is not dependent on the website and vice versa, but viewers are invited to interact with these images, if they choose.

Remember the Time – https:///” (Set 1), 2019
Computer Drawings, Websites, Interactive Graphics, Sound, and NFTs
By Jennifer Goya


92nd Annual Juried Print Exhibition
January 15-February 14, 2020
Honolulu Museum of Art School
Main Gallery