This site features selected works by Jen Goya / Jennifer Goya-Smith.

A Tree, a Fern, A Flower: 1906

Jennifer Goya
A Tree, a Fern, a Flower: 1906, 2023-current
Looping Animations on Digital Frames (V.1)
Interactive Installation with Dial Knob Controller (V.2)
Website (V.3)

1906 consists of three interactive animations that depict a souvenir marketplace being overgrown with native Hawaiian plants. There is a tiki mug overgrown with hala trees; a hula girl bobblehead overgrown with kupu kupu ferns; and a pineapple stress ball overgrown with a’alii flowers. The objects were scanned using photogrammetry and the plants were modeled digitally. In this interactive installation the participant can control the growth of the plants with a dial knob. 1906 reimagines the types of artifacts left behind to define Hawaii’s legacy.

1906 is the title of this piece and also the year the Waikiki Reclamation Commission was established to plan for greater commercial development on Oahu. The frames are matted with sandpaper to express the harsh realities tourism has brought to Hawaii. Each plant was selected for their mo’olelo: rebirth (hala), to sprout knowledge (kupu kupu), and steadfastness (a’ali’i). This series visualizes the passage of time where the powers of consumption can be reversed.

There are three iterations of 1906: looping animations on small digital frames; an interactive physical installation with monitor(s), computer, and dial knob controller(s); and a web version. The interactivity varies slightly in the web version compared to the physical installation, but the intent remains the same. Note the web version is optimized for a desktop web browser and will not work on mobile devices.

V.3 Web Version of 1906
Instructions: Use the mouse scroll wheel to control the growth of the native Hawaiian plants.

V.2 Interactive Installation with Dial Knob Controller (video documentation)

V.1 Looping Animations on Digital Frames